For your existing website:


BASICS | UNLIMITED BOOKINGS & full control for only 29,90 EUR (37.90 USD) per month!

With simple clicks you easily change your own HTML5 restaurant website and controll your guest management system. Just upload 10 high resolution pictures, your menu, events and restaurant info very easily with only a few mouse clicks.

You can change your own content and colors any time and monitor all your guest data and bookings in the web-based GMS (Guest Management System) from anywhere in the world with your own login very easily on your MAC, PC or Tablet.

Link from your own URL to your bookings page or just reroute your URL to your restaurant bookings page.

Only 19,90 EUR hosting once a year for the hosting service applies upon registration.
No hidden costs, no extra fees, no rental hardware necessary. Use your own devices - from your restaurant - from home or during holidays! Enjoy your personal freedom!

Just click on the image to try it out yourself!


MY.DESIGN | Premium Version:

See here some design templates you could use for your Premium Version. Just let us know which template you like and we apply it to your website!

Or upload your own design and colors in your CMS (Content Management System).


Table-Booking user manual

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Restaurant registration

Please select a version

BASICS | Standard version:
FREE of charge, plus booking fee and hosting.*

BASICS | Standard version: Software application free of charge,
(includes all important features), plus booking fee and hosting.*

  • 1.1 The inclusion in, and listing on the worldwide restaurant search engine and the Web 2.0 portal with social network.
  • 1.2 Own editable website for your restaurant (grey/ green) on the Web 2.0 Portal of TBS (can as well be routed from your own URL!).
  • 1.3 Bookings widget (Bookings calendar) to integrate via copy & paste to your existing website / URL.
  • 1.4 Online real time booking system for the guest in 25 languages for higher and more efficient restaurant utilization.
  • 1.5 Online Guest Management System (GMS) for a detailed guest database with guest profiles and guest recognition.
  • 1.6 Monthly booking reports about the guest visits (Including walk-in and phone reservations) with reporting system.
  • 1.7 Standard CMS (Content Management System, multilingual) for the restaurant picture- and information- upload. (Menu, events calendar, E-Invites, picture gallery, information about the restaurant, directions, contact).

*Cost of an online booking and hosting in Europe:

All online bookings are charged 0,50 EUR per person per booking with a limit of 4 guests per booking. Any further guests per booking are free. Walk-in and Phone booking entries are free as well.

For the hosting of your restaurants website, your web-based guest management system and content management system we charge 19.90 Euro hosting costs per annum (1,66 EUR/ month) which will be charged with the first invoice and then annually thereafter. (Please see the international prices at: For restaurants)

MY.DESIGN | Premium version:
399,00 EUR one time, plus booking fee
and hosting.*

MY.DESIGN | Premium Version:
In the own look & feel (Corporate Design) of the restaurant: Contains all features of the Standard Version and additionally:

  • 2.1 Premium CMS (You can design your own website and the bookings calendar according to your corporate design and desired colors by simple mouse clicks. (No programming required!)
  • 2.2 Choose from many stylish design templates which you can apply to your restaurant website.
  • 2.3 Direct marketing for the restaurant on the Portal of and all partner sites.
  • 2.4 The right area you can use for your events or advertising, which you can upload with only a mouse click!
  • 2.5 Video Cooking shows and or Specials on We feature your videos prominently on und
  • 2.6 Viral marketing for your restaurant on facebook, twitter and other social networking sites.

AUGMENTED DESIGN Starter Package | Platinum Version:
999,00 EUR one time, plus booking fee and hosting*

AUGMENTED STARTER PACKAGE: Contains all features of the Premium Version and additionally

  • 3.1 Logo and Business Card design through our specialized design agency.
  • 3.2 Individual design for your bookings website according to the template as well individual e-cards, widget and full setup
  • 3.3 Video Cooking shows and or Specials on featured with special effects in your design We feature your videos prominently on and
  • 3.4 Annual statistics on the restaurant occupancy and guest profiles for improved planning opportunities in the future.

BUT.I.WANT | Iridium Version:
You have special wishes or would like to get an individual flatrate? (*plus bookings fee or individual flat rate and hosting fee)

Your costumized version according your wishes and/ or your personally determined flat rate!

  • 4.1 Please e-mail us with your detailed briefing. We will get back to you with a customized offer
  • 4.2 Unlimited agreed booking flat rate per month.
Please select your country currency, in which you will be invoiced.

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