Privacy Policy, // worldwide, Stand May 1, 2018
including all other registered table-booking URLs (e,g.,, etc.),hereinafter called TBS
(table-booking services), attaches great importance to your personal data.

We always strive to protect your personal data in accordance with data protection laws and to ensure we comply with statutory regulations.
Due to the fact that TBS is active worldwide, the data protection laws of the individual countries can deviate.

This Data Policy applies to all TBS applications, be it web-based via the Internet to end consumer products (PC, MAC) or via mobile applications and describes how, why and where we collect data and, where applicable, publish it and possibly disclose it to third parties
(e.g. restaurants, hotels or partner portals on which the restaurant search “widget” is included).

TBS, explicitly is a worldwide restaurant search engine with a real-time booking system with a combined Gourmet’s Community for all of those who like going out for a meal or drink and a restaurant guest management system with CMS. The software TBS is based on was developed by TBS meaning no data whatsoever (not even hidden) is disclosed to third party software providers.

COLLECTION AND USE OF DATA ON TBS // mail: Copyright © 2018, all rights reserved.

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