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BASICS | UNLIMITED BOOKINGS & full control for only 29,90 EUR (37.90 USD) per month!

With simple clicks you easily change your own HTML5 restaurant website and controll your guest management system. Just upload 10 high resolution pictures, your menu, events and restaurant info very easily with only a few mouse clicks.

You can change your own content and colors any time and monitor all your guest data and bookings in the web-based GMS (Guest Management System) from anywhere in the world with your own login very easily on your MAC, PC or Tablet.

Link from your own URL to your bookings page or just reroute your URL to your restaurant bookings page.

Only 19,90 EUR hosting once a year for the hosting service applies upon registration.
No hidden costs, no extra fees, no rental hardware necessary. Use your own devices - from your restaurant - from home or during holidays! Enjoy your personal freedom!

Just click on the image to try it out yourself!


MY.DESIGN | Premium Version:

See here some design templates you could use for your Premium Version. Just let us know which template you like and we apply it to your website!

Or upload your own design and colors in your CMS (Content Management System).
 - the first worldwide restaurant search engine

You want a perfect evening? - the first clever, visual table reservation system online! No busy tones and no irritating being put on hold – customer satisfaction starts at home or in the office when you wish to reserve a table for the evening in your favorite restaurant. And if you are a guest in a new city, you can comfortably plan in advance, for example at the airport or on the train, where you would like to eat in the evening. Free and without registration! Also extremely easy with the mobile phone version of (Coming soon!)

Enter the country, the city and other search criteria and find the restaurant corresponding to your wishes. The guest selects the restaurant, the date and the desired time, clicks the desired number of persons and already there is nothing getting in the way of a perfect evening. Special wishes such as smoking or non-smoking tables, or advance information such as atmosphere photos, menu of the day or wine list are also possible.
Individually designed invitations can be sent to friends or business partners. The organization of festivities is also simplified with the "Event planner" – seating arrangements and menu planning can be arranged virtually, invitations sent to guests, acceptances and rejections can be managed. The directions from door to door are self-explanatory and coordinated with the navigation system!


Become a member in the worldwide TB Community at no charge!

As soon as you become a member in the community, you can save your favorite restaurants in your personal favorites list and pass on your profile to your restaurants. Who doesn't like to be treated like a VIP?
You also have a voice in selecting the content at, or register your favorite restaurant.
If you go out to eat alone in an unfamiliar city and would like to get to know new people, you can see who is also eating alone on that day and arrange a "blind dinner". Become a member presents the great international master chefs in the cooking shows!

Learn how the truly greats perform their magic. To the cooking shows "Pedias"

The wine, cocktail, spice and cigarpedia are Wikis, = free online encyclopedias. Anyone can contribute his or her wisdom and help expand the world's largest encyclopedia in the specialty areas of wine, cocktails, spices and cigars.
Wikis are websites at which any user can change the content without any previous knowledge or programming skills directly in the browser, and which are written at no charge by voluntary authors. All content may be copied and used at no cost with an entry of the source and the author. (GNU license for free documentation). We look forward to hearing from new authors!



For all wine connoisseurs and everything surrounding wine, with a wine exchange where you will soon be able to auction wine worldwide. In the Wine Forum you can exchange thoughts with "like-minded people“, and if you like, arrange directly to meet with people in a restaurant for a blind dinner! Winepedia



Help design the largest, worldwide, free encyclopedia on spices! Spicepedia



Is it like this for you too? You were in a bar in Hong Kong and drank a fantastic cocktail, but you can't remember how it's made, meaning you can't prepare it at home.
Ask the bartender for the recipe and publish it in the Cocktailpedia online. The bartender will also be pleased to find new recipes! Cocktailpedia



Although smoking will soon be prohibited in most restaurants, there are still many gourmets who appreciate a good cigar following a meal.
Here you can post everything you ever wanted to share with the world about cigars. Cigarpedia


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